Abraham Lincoln

by Nathan from Cincinnati

Abraham Lincoln was a very proactive person. He knew in his mind that he would be a good president, and he was. He helped stop slavery, and reunited the United States by winning the Civil War. He was a very kind person, yet he was very smart in the war. He also was the first president to grow a beard.

Abraham Lincoln overcame his parents' death when he was ten years of age. He stood up to the rest of the United States to free the slaves. He was kind and caring, because when he first shot an animal, he felt deep regret and shame that he killed an animal, and never did again. He did many good things, and that was why he was murdered.

Abraham Lincoln was assassinated because the southern people were furious at him for freeing the slaves, so one of the people from the South (John Booth) killed Abraham Lincoln while he was watching a play. The reason that the southern people were mad at him was because they had slaves working for free for them and now they have to pay them.

A hero in our definition is an ordinary person, who does good things for a good cause without expecting a reward. Abraham Lincoln was a kind-hearted person, who wanted to stop slavery because he knew it was wrong. He did everything he could to stop it, even becoming president, to stop slavery. He didn't expect much of an award, except for there to be no more slaves.

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