Abraham Lincoln

by Samuel from San Diego

Living in humble surroundings affected this hero's life, because of this style of living, made him acknowledge the cruelty of slavery. This helped him become successful in life and in exchange, he helped other people get out of slavery, to emancipate them. Lincoln's debates with Douglas also influenced his life, because Douglas claimed that Lincoln was a dangerous abolitionist, but Douglas was more of a dangerous person than Lincoln, since Lincoln later became president. Lincoln's life was also influenced with the new technology, as in telegraphy, because he could communicate with other people quickly, kind of like the email.

Lincoln accomplished freeing most of the slaves of the U.S., although he did not free some slaves that masters kept hidden. Lincoln also accomplished becoming president, and ruling the U.S.. He later got elected again, and he won again therefore being another of his accomplishments. Another of his achievements was his speech, the Gettysburg Address, that is commonly quoted and is very famous. Lincoln had many accomplishments, including the domestic ones such as, created the first income tax in order to finance Union expenses in the Civil War.

Some problems that Lincoln had to overcome were that he had to unite the Union, without any more divisions, but slavery only made things worse because more people fought for their freedom and others fought to keep slavery. Another problem that Lincoln had to overcome was that he had to deal with the Confederacy's attacks on the Union. He had failed in business at age 21, failed again at business at age 24. After all those failures, he again got another obstacle: he later had a nervous breakdown at age 27.

Lincoln's reaction to being treated unfairly was getting angry, and responding to the war and in a way saying "Bring It On." Lincoln was treated unfairly because he was told more than once, that because he's an abolitionist, many people thought that he was dangerous, but he wasn't and he got angry. After that Lincoln joined the Civil War to end slavery. Lincoln does not like to be treated unfairly, just like all of you, and he will always do something as a consequence if he's not treated fairly.

Lincoln acted against popular opinion, by supporting slaves' freedom. Most of the time he was caring for others and not himself. Lincoln acted against popular opinion because he wasn't obsessed with himself, nor was he mean. Lincoln was the complete opposite of popular opinion against slavery, even though many people didn't want to end slavery, it seemed like a solution.

People's lives were changed by Lincoln because he had freed the slaves. People's lives were changed because he had freed the slaves, causing people to HAVE to pay the people who worked for them. Lincoln changed the U.S. because with slavery abolished the economy dropped, since African Americans HAD to be paid if they worked for people. For all those African Americans who didn't have a home, Lincoln make refugees, for white and colored men.

Yes there is a need for a hero that does this kind of work because today there are many issues that Lincoln only seems to fix. The need for a person like Lincoln is pretty great, since there are many traffickers who are needed to get rid of. Lincoln is needed today because we need a good military leader. We need Lincoln since the US has many problems and they need someone like Lincoln to help them.

I could imitate Lincoln by helping homeless people. I could also imitate Lincoln by doing community service for others in my community. I could also imitate Lincoln by following what he planned for us, no violence and keeping things so that people aren't arguing. I could also break arguments between people and find solutions to problems non-violently.

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