Abraham Lincoln

by Daniel from Des Plaines

Abraham Lincoln (images-1.jpeg)
Abraham Lincoln (images-1.jpeg)

Abraham Lincoln was born in February 12, 1890 in County, Kentucky. Abraham's father was Thomas Lincoln and his mother was Nancy Hanks. Abraham has one sister and one brother, their names are Sarah and Thomas. Abraham's children are Robert Todd, Edward Baker, Willion Wallace and Thomas also known as Tad.

ABraham Lincoln and the flag (images-1.jpeg)
ABraham Lincoln and the flag (images-1.jpeg)

Abraham Lincoln went to school for less than one year. He didn't go to college, but he did learn how to read. Abraham’s stepmother taught him.

abraham sitting in a chair (pc202628.gif)
abraham sitting in a chair (pc202628.gif)

Abraham Lincoln became a Lawyer at age 28. His other job was a farmer. His most amazing job was a president. Abraham Lincoln was president in 1861 to 1865. One on his hobbies was going to see plays at theaters. Another hobby of Abraham Lincoln is poetry. His other hobbies is walking and wrestling.

Abraham Lincoln is famous because he was the 16th president and he solved the slavery problem. Abraham is dead. Abraham died in April 15, 1865. Abraham died because he was shot in the back by John Wilkes at the Ford Movie Theater.

One of the things I like about Abraham is that he was the 16th president in 1861. Another thing that inspired me is that Abraham Lincoln stopped the slavery problem. I like that he was brave enough to stop the slavery problem. I like that he taught himself to read. The last thing I like about Abraham Lincoln is that he liked to go and see plays at the theater.

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