Abraham Lincoln

by Declan from Calgary

"Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves"-Abraham Lincoln
Abraham linlcon  (I made it (Declan))
Abraham linlcon (I made it (Declan))

Abraham Lincoln inspired me because he stopped slavery. I'm doing a biography and my book has 428 pgs. The book covers Abraham Lincoln's whole life. The book was made in 2007 by Janis Herbert. She got an award for best kids books. Janis Herbert has written six books for kids. She lives in Northern California.

Abraham Lincoln potrit  (I made it  (Declan))
Abraham Lincoln potrit (I made it (Declan))

Abraham Lincoln was born near Hodgenville Kentucky on Feb. 12, 1809. Abraham Lincoln's parents were farmers and he had one sister two years older. Abe was home schooled until 16. Abraham would tell stories to make people forget the question they asked. He was 106 lbs at 16. Abraham was most inspired by his father. He wanted slavery to end. He did not even know what to do when he grew up. He would stop slavery later in life.

Abraham Lincoln (I made it  (Declan))
Abraham Lincoln (I made it (Declan))

Abraham Lincoln's parents where poor. Abraham's dad sold his cattle so they could move to Indiana. An important event in Lincoln's life was when he gave the Gettysburg Address. Abraham was very kind for stopping slavery and Abraham was smart by writing the best speech in the U.S.A. He also loved to tell stories to people. President Lincoln was afraid of his oldest son being killed at war. This fear made him worry that his decision to end slavery caused thousands of men to die at war. He would not let his son join the Union Army for years and felt weak for not allowing his son to be at risk. Abe's son Willy died in 1962. Abraham was elected president in 1860.

I was surprised that Abraham Lincoln was poor and then became President of the U.S.A. Three questions I would ask Abraham are: How did willy die? Did you ever go to school? Why did you sign the declaration for no slavery. Abraham Lincoln was famous for being President. I would like to ask Abraham Lincoln what his kids did when the war was on. I would not want to be Abraham Lincoln as a kid because he lived in a cabin and was poor. I liked my book very much it had more info than I needed so that was nice and easy. Three things I learned from my book. 1.Abraham Lincoln loved to tell stories. 2.Abraham's mom died in October 1818 3. Abraham was poor.The only thing in common is my last name is Abrahams. People would read this book because it has so much info about Abraham's life. I loved learning about Abe Lincoln's life. I would consider Abe as a hero because he stopped slavery and the war.

December 1816 Abraham moved to Indiana October 1818 Nancy Lincoln dies. August 1834 Lincoln is elected to Illinois House of Representatives November 1860 Lincoln was elected for President April 12 1861 Civil war begins it lasted four years January 1 1863 Lincoln signs Emancipation proclamation November 19 1863 Lincoln gives Gettysburg Address November 1864 Abraham gets re-elected Inspired January 31 1865 13th amendment April 15 1865 Abraham Lincoln dies

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