Abraham Lincoln

by Tanner from Riley

Abraham Lincoln was a great president. He always put other people before himself. He was an animal lover. His mainly loved kittens.

Abraham Lincoln loved animals. He mainly loved kittens. He would always go and free the horses out in the field and feed them even though they weren't his. He was a very good man and wouldn't even hurt a fly.

Abraham Lincoln was a very careful person. He always put other people before himself. He would never hurt anything especially people. He always wanted to do things for other people. He helped the sick and helped people who needed it.

One night Abraham went to the theater. During the applause, the crowd cheered so loud that Abraham got assassinated, by getting shot in the back of the head and no one heard it. They found out by the guy jumping out of the box ad onto the stage.

Now you know about Abraham Lincoln. How he loved animals. And what type of person he was. Everyone was devastated when he was assassinated. But we know about the great things he did for this country. He never did die from old age. Some people even think he was going to pas away from something else. He was assassinated at the age of 53.

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I am Abraham Lincoln, I was 53 years old, I died of assassination, I lead a country, I am Abraham Lincoln