Abraham Lincoln

by Ben from Loveland

Imagine yourself in your forty years old, fighting in an intense debate on whether we should have slavery or not. Abraham Lincoln successfully did this. Abraham Lincoln continues to be a hero with many traits but some stand out. Abe continues to be a hero to many with traits like humbleness, selflessness, wisdom, honesty, and he continues to be very successful.

In the eighteen hundreds Abraham Lincoln endured as one of the bravest persons. The sixteenth president debated the whole South for five years. He had very little education but he was fighting to get rid of slavery. Plus he worked several important jobs as a young boy, like shopkeeper.

This is a picture of him when he was president
This is a picture of him when he was president

Abraham goes on to be a honest and successful personnel of the government. Abe is the most honest person I can think of.  He was so honest he held the name Honest Abe. Also he lived a very successful life in which he beat the South and won legislator four times in a row. Plus in his free time he made money as a successful lawyer that won countless times.

This is Abe in his White House chair
This is Abe in his White House chair

All of the traits above would make Abe a great hero but he also is very selfless. This selfless man worked several hard jobs to support his family. He also fought for the blacks for five years. Plus because of who he helped and who he fought he gave his life at a theater after the Civil War.

As you can see Abraham Lincoln was selfless, honest, brave and an overall hero. The most honest president did all of these the best he could and now he is a worthy hero. Abe did so much more but these are just the most recognized.

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