Abraham Lincoln

by ZIxian from Beijing

When it comes to heroes, Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the US, is the one whom I regarded as my hero.

Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky and grew up in a poor family. His mother loved him very much, while, unfortunately, his mother died in 1818 when Lincoln was only a 9-year-old child. Because of that, he became much more independent than others who belong to the same generation.

Although President Lincoln was killed in 1865 and was on the job for only 5 years, he still made a lot of great accomplishments. One of the most important achievements Lincoln made was that he led the American Civil War and finally beat the Confederate States of America. Besides, in 1863, Lincoln published " The Emancipation Proclamation", which announced that black people should have equal rights. What's more, Lincoln made a significant effect on American economy. As a result of all his efforts, Lincoln became the second greatest president of the United States.

In my view, President Lincoln was the real hero. I feel this way because he had won the rights for black people and made great influence on the history of America. However, the most essential reason why I admire this giant and why he is important to me is that he never said "no" to himself, though he failed the election for the president and I think this spirit is pretty precious to a real hero.

It does make great differences in my life to worship Lincoln personally. Take the running test as an example: during the running test, I almost quit the test for I was too exhausted to finish the test. However, when I thought of giving up the test, I always thought of Lincoln and inspired myself by saying "never give up" " never say 'no' to yourself". It did work all the time and I finally finished my running which seemed impossible for me to accomplish. Abraham Lincoln is of course my hero.Though he died more than a hundred years, he still taught me a lot.

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