Abraham Lincoln

by Marc Fitch from Warsaw

Abe was our sixteenth president. He wasn't a vampire; however he sure could beat the bad guys. Abraham Lincoln was also a Republican. He managed to keep the United States from crumbling in such a troublesome time. Abraham Lincoln is a hero to this day because he led the fight against slavery, stayed strong against death threats, and issued many new acts.

One reason Abraham Lincoln is a great hero is he led the fight against slavery. He started this by issuing the Emancipation Proclamation. The document started the freeing of the slaves and let the blacks fight for the Union. He also led the fight against slavery by fighting a whole war for it, the Civil War. This war was between the Northern and Southern states of the United States to stop slavery. He even managed to do this while his whole life was being threatened.

The second reason why Abraham Lincoln is such a great hero is he stayed strong against death threats. The reason why he was receiving these death threats was because he was trying to stop slavery. He never backed down though and he issued the Emancipation Proclamation. Lincoln also didn't back down from the Civil War and kept fighting. He ended up leading the Union to win the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln being the hero he was kept the United States strong.

The third reason why Abraham Lincoln is a hero is he issued many acts. Lincoln issued the Homestead Act. This said that every citizen could have 160 acres of government surveyed land. Another act he issued was the National Banking Act. This made national currency and established a banking system. This kept the United States trading system easier, and making most people's lives easier. Issuing as many acts as Lincoln did, he made sure the United States was one of the strongest countries in the world and that is why he is a hero.

As you can see Abraham Lincoln is hero because he fought against slavery, didn't back down from death threats, and made many new acts.Those are three reasons why Lincoln was such a great hero because through it all he stayed strong and led with determination. Lincoln though has many more reasons why he is such a great hero. As you can see Abraham Lincoln did not have to kill any vampires to prove that he was a leader, all he had to do was lead the fight against slavery, never back down from death threats, and help better our United States government. That is why Abraham Lincoln is such a major hero.

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