Abraham Lincoln

by Sean from Elgin

Can you imagine fixing a broken nation and freeing thousands of people? One man completed this heroic task. Abraham Lincoln displayed great courage, belief in equality, and the will to make a difference. My hero is Abraham Lincoln. The last trait means the most to me because during the times of the Civil War, African Americans were considered inferior, and were often slaves. Abraham Lincoln believed all men were created equal, and he proposed the Fourteenth Amendment, which abolished slavery. The belief that all men were created equal is a great belief, but taking the initiative to do something about it is heroic. The reason Abraham Lincoln is my hero is his will to make a difference.

Abraham Lincoln was born in a modest log cabin in Hardin County, Kentucky. After a career in law, he started in politics. Abraham Lincoln was elected president in 1860. He was known for his strong stance against slavery, and during his presidency, the United States was fighting a civil war. Many southern states seceded from the union, and they were at war with the union. The main issue that led to the secession of these states was slavery. The states in the North wanted to abolish slavery and give African Americans their freedom, but the southern states were looking to legalize slavery in the entire nation. The United States of America was torn apart by this civil war, and it was up to Abraham Lincoln to put it back together.

The most heroic things Abraham Lincoln did were abolish slavery through the Fourteenth Amendment and lead the United States through the Civil War. He exhibited courage by pushing for the Fourteenth Amendment to be passed. This took great courage because although the Union wanted to abolish slavery, many people were big supporters of slavery. Abraham Lincoln knew he was putting his life in risk when he was trying to pass the Fourteenth Amendment, but he knew the risk was worth the reward. This action took unbelievable courage from Abraham Lincoln. It also shows the trait of belief in equality because many people believed that African Americans were inferior to white people, but Abraham Lincoln knew that this was not true. Getting the amendment passed showed his will to make a difference. Abraham Lincoln stood up for his beliefs and did great things, that is why he is my hero.

Abraham Lincoln is important to me because he made a difference in the life of many people. He stood up for his belief that all people are created equal. I also believe that all people are created equal. The way that Abraham Lincoln made a difference in the lives of many people, which is something I hope to do in my life. Abraham Lincoln had a belief, and he made a difference in the world. This is a heroic quality that I find admirable.

Abraham Lincoln changed the lives of many people, and he guided America through the Civil War. He made a difference in people's lives by passing the Fourteenth Amendment. Abraham Lincoln freed many slaves and kept the United States together. These are heroic qualities. Abraham Lincoln is my hero. The only person who could change the lives of thousands of people and fix a broken nation is a hero named Abraham Lincoln.

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