Abraham Lincoln

by Denise from Van Nuys

My hero is Abraham Lincoln

My hero is Abraham Lincoln. I have many reasons why he is my hero. I think that there are many more heroes to pick from but I think he did a lot of stuff. I also think that the things that he did were great and I don't think anyone has done the same things as he had.

He was a smart guy because he did many different things. One of the things that he was successful at was writing poetry. Many people actually liked them. He was a commanding general of the Army of Northern Virginia. Abraham became the 16th president. Another thing that he did was that he freed the slaves.

When he was President of the United States he wrote a speech. His speech was called The Gettysburg Address. It was one of the most quoted speeches in the United States history. The reason he wrote that speech was because they were at war. It was a really big war that Lincoln decided to go and say something.

Besides serving America, he was a great husband and father. Later on he met a girl named Mary Todd. Then they got married and had four children. But then three of them died. The Lincoln family didn’t believe in having strict rules or tight boundaries when it came to their sons. People said that Lincoln was a loving person and he was fond of children. He was a good husband because he never told a lie and he was a very honest person.

I think that those were good reasons for him to be my hero. Those were the reasons why he is my hero.

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