Abraham Lincoln

by Zanne from Riverview

Born in a small log house in Kentucky, Abraham Lincoln became one of Americas greatest presidents. Even with little education, Abraham became one of the most intelligent people to run as the 16th president of the United States. His brave actions in abolishing slavery and his strong belief in freedom earned him the right to be remembered as an astounding hero.

Born to Thomas and Nancy Hank Lincoln in 1804, Abraham was raised in a small log house in Kentucky, Abraham was living off chucking wood and had very little education. Growing up wasn't easy for him. His family moved to Perry County, Indiana in 1817. A year later, Abraham's mother died, October 5th, due to an illness at the age of 34. A year after his mother's death, Thomas married Sarah Bush Johnston, a woman Abraham quickly bonded with. Though Abraham hadn't been educated, he decided to learn how to read. Abraham scrutinized novel after novel and eventually taught himself how to read. Because paper was expensive, Abraham carved paper from wood. When he messed up on a word or letter, he shaved the wood and began again. In March, 1830, the Lincoln family moved again to Illinois. Abraham was twenty-one at this time and realized he wanted to become something more than what his father had become.

Abraham didn't want to be a farmer like his father. When he was twenty-one he decided to leave his home and find out his destiny. Abraham's first job was to sail boats and with a little hard work he became exceedingly popular. People always approached him for legal advice and Abraham never scammed or took advantage of anyone. Abraham would occasionally go into the center of crowds and tell stories. Abraham always wanted to become a member of congress, a lawyer. He moved to Springfield, the state capital. There, he found a beautiful young woman who's name was Mary Todd. They were soon married November 4th 1842. It is said that Lincoln engraved "Love Is Eternal" on Mary's wedding ring. After Abraham and Mary were married, nine months later, they had their first child, Robert. A little while after Edward was born. After they had Willie and then Thomas. Edward died as an infant due to thyroid cancer. Thomas died at the age of eighteen from pneumonia. Willie died at the age of twelve due to typhoid fever. This had a huge impact on Abraham's mental state. Robert, however, lived even longer than Abraham, Robert was 82 when cerebral hemorrhage took his life.

In November 6th 1860, Abraham was elected 16th president and was the first president who was from the Republican party. War broke out in 1861, this is when Abraham decided to take a stand. Although he thought blacks shouldn't be slaves, he didn't want them to be equal, he thought that the two races couldn't live together peacefully. Never the less, he still wanted to free the slaves. Slavery had already been illegal in the Northern states in 1804, but people wanted slavery illegal in all states. Abraham was aware of this. General Robert E. Lee surrenders, ending the war. In 1865 The Thirteenth Amendment was created. This abolished slavery once and for all. Slavery is now illegal in the United States. This happiness was soon ended by the tragic death of Abraham. John Wilkes Booth, who was an actor, was responsible for the terrible act. Abraham was assassinated in Ford's Theatre when Abraham, Mary, and a few friends were watching a play. Abraham was shot in the back of the head, but he did not die immediately. Abraham was said to have been put in a coma for nine hours until morning when he died. Abraham died April 14th 1864 at the age of fifty-six. The murderer was put to justice April 26th 1865 when they found he had been hiding in a tobacco barn.

Today Abraham Lincoln is remembered as an amazing hero and in now seen on the penny and five dollar bill. People have also payed respect in carving his face on Mount Rushmore. There is also the Lincoln Memorial with a vast statue of Abraham Lincoln.

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