Abraham Lincoln

by Silas from Marathon

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I think that Abraham Lincoln fits the description "renaissance" man because he pushed the limits of humanity, Abraham Lincoln stopped slavery and won the Civil War. He risked his life for what was right. Lincoln failed lots of times at things but kept trying until he succeeded.

Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809. When he was a young boy his mother died. His father was depressed and sad. Eventually Lincoln's father got married to a young lady named Sarah. Lincoln was closer to Sarah than his birthmother. As Lincoln grew older he wanted to learn anything he could. Lincoln went to schools and had a hunger for knowledge. He did not have much education but was smart.

During Lincoln's middle age he was involved in politics. He slowly worked his way up in the government. Eventually Lincoln got the chance to run for president and won. Not many people knew about his childhood or anything really. But when the states started to break away he became a great leader. Lincoln fought for what was right, no slavery. During the war he became an even better leader. After a long time he finally won the war and African Americans were free of slavery.


Lincoln changed the government by changing their minds on slavery. Lincoln got them to make slavery outlawed. In turn for the good deeds he did people started to like him more. But shortly into his second term a group of people decided to kill him and they did. Lincoln died on April 15, 1865.

I think he is a hero to me because of all the things he did for people. Lincoln was a great leader and person. If Lincoln didn't stop slavery i wouldn't have my cousins and some of my friends and even worse i would have slaves.

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