Annemarie Lucas

by Angelle from Sulphur

Lucas and her cat (
Lucas and her cat (

Do you have any pets? Would you ever neglect or harm them in any way? You wouldn’t? Well, that is not the case for everyone in this world. Thousands of animals are beaten everyday. However, because of people like Annemarie Lucas, some animals have a second chance. Since she does things to help animals everyday, I think she is a hero, but what exactly is a hero? Well, if you ask a thousand people, you would probably get a thousand different answers. This may be because everyone is different. No one’s answer is right or wrong but is, in fact, unique.

A hero isn’t made up of a man in uniform or in tights and a cape. A hero is someone who takes time out of any day when they are needed to help. Anyone and anything can be a hero. Annemarie Lucas is my hero for many reasons. When I first saw her show, Animal Precinct, I thought it was the greatest thing ever to see that animals had rights, too! Before I saw that show, I thought it was legal to do anything you wanted to animals. From that point on, I was hooked on the show and mostly on Annemarie Lucas!

Anemarie just saved a puppy! (
Anemarie just saved a puppy! (

If you have ever watched Animal Planet, you have probably seen Mrs. Lucas working her hardest to save helpless animals in need. Personally, I love animals very much. Annemarie Lucas seems to feel the same way because she loves what she does. This is why I admire her so much.

As a child, Annemarie had always dreamed of joining the “animal police.” This is similar to my dream now. Since I was about eight, I have really wanted to become a veterinarian. I wanted to be an animal cop just like her before, but then I thought that I wouldn’t be able to find animals near death in someone’s backyard. So this is when I decided to become a vet so that I would be able to nurse them back to health.

Even out of uniform, she loves animals (
Even out of uniform, she loves animals (

Lucas is a Supervisory Special Investigator for Human Law Enforcement for the ASPCA or the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. She has worked here for nine years. She has trained in the NYPD and the FBI. Because of all these things, I'd say Annemarie Lucas is overqualified to be a hero!

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