Annemarie Lucas

by Madison from Round Rock

"Annemarie Lucas is a supervisory special investigator for Humane Law Enforcement (HLE) at the ASPCA, a nonprofit organization. Growing up in Connecticut, Annemarie loved animals and always wished that there were animal police to protect them from being harmed and to ensure that all of their rights were being protected."

She began her career as a volunteer at a shelter. Special investigator Lucas lives with her 4 rescued cats and her 4 rescued dogs.

Annemarie Lucas has been with the organization for over 9 years. She has received training from the Yew York Police department and the FBI. She wants people to realize the animal cruelty is a problem across the country. You can help animals by not littering and by volunteering when you are 14. You can also encourage your friends to work with animals when they are old enough.

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Extra Info

You can grow up to be one of the wonderful people at the ASPCA. Even if you are a kid that doesn't mean you can`t help animals. You can hang up bird feeders in your backyard. You can also plant more trees. It gives you more oxygen and it gives the animals homes.