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Ana Lukner

by Pia from Ljubljana

My hero is Ana Lukner, a woman whose wish of helping people was so strong that she established a foundation that is called "Ana's star".

Ana Lukner (
Ana Lukner (

Ana was born in Slovenia in 1983. When Ana was a young girl she knew that she will help people but she did not know in what way she can do that. But after 20 years of planning and thinking of her wish she made it come true. For her birthday she told her friends and family to bring some food for those who cannot afford it. They really have brought some food and Ana gave it to the poor families. Since then she was collecting food every Christmas and has shown to us that together we can make a huge difference.

Once I had a chance to meet Ana and she does not pretend her happiness when she helps others. Her job really makes her happy and optimistic because she almost never thinks of a bad thing before something good. Thank God I don't need her help but I admire her immensely.

She once said: "The Ana's star shines to everybody. To those volunteers who really feel that the world can be full of goodness. And to those who find themselves in distress." She tries to change the people's awareness and she teaches that it is nice to help but there is no shame if somebody needs help.

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