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Adeline Yen Mah

by Claire from Dorchester

Adeline is from Tianjin, China and was born November 30, 1937 (age 74 years) Her mother died a week after, and her father wasn't a good parent. He remarried, and forgot she even existed. Even her birthday was changed because he forgot when she was born.

She has written two of my favorite books, Chinese Cinderella is by far my favorite. She uses this book to portray her life as a little Chinese girl, and the struggles of being a unwanted daughter.

Although she had a rough childhood she still manages to pull through as an optimist. Even though her life isn't anywhere near mine, she showed me that I should be thankful for a good family.

Many people probably never heard of Adeline, but she is my hero. I hope that you will see just how motivational she is. Read her book "Chinese Cinderella" and prepare for your views on life to do a cartwheel.

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