by Nick from Pickerington

The difference between a soldier and a human is that a human will die for his family. A soldier on the other hand will die for anybody and everybody

My Hero Definition:

A hero is someone who is willing to sacrifice themselves for anyone in need of help. Whether it be a stranger or a friend. Someone who has no problem helping others at their own expense.

My Personal Hero:

Adam is my uncle and my hero because I honor what he goes through. My uncle is in the United States Marine Corps and has served for over 10 years. He goes through the tragedies of war so that we may be free. Adam also supports and encourages my decision to become a United States Marine. He has always been there to support me through my mma and help me in the preparation and victory in my 3 on 1 championship fight that got me my first scouting by tapout.

Hall Of Fame:

Adam should be in the hero hall of fame because he fights for our country's freedom and would give his life for his county if it came to it. And he will forever be a great friend of mine and I hope to one day fight along side of him.

I believe that having a hero is not the most important thing because even though it gives you someone to look up to and follow, it puts you up for being disappointed if something was to ever go wrong.

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