Alonda Mallett

by Mahogany from Milwaukee


My real hero is my mother, she had the most impact in my life than anyone ever has and that's why I chose her today. She was a great leader, a loving person, a caring person and a determined woman. Anything she wanted she went after it. She also was a genuine person who kept it real with what she said. She was incredibly wise beyond her years. Every experience she went through she took with her as a lesson. Lastly she was extremely charismatic she could talk her way into anything, even into your heart.

Unfortunately, my mother died 6 years ago.  But before her death she taught me several things that I still carry on today. She taught me that I should stand on my own and not depend on anyone. How that people will always let you down. She was also what she taught me, Independent. She always tried to make things happen with what we had before asking someone to help. If she ever did ask for help it would be from my dad or my grandmother.

My Mother was such a loving person because of her spirit and how she cared for me and my sister. I knew before she left this earth that she loved us and would do anything for us if she could. She loved kids and they loved her. She wanted to become a nurse to help people. She loved working with seniors to help start off that career. She always gave great advice whenever you needed it and also randomly if you don't need it. I remember how she gave the best hugs because she would squeeze so much love into you. If you knew Alonda you couldn't help but love her, she was the best mother I could have ever asked for.

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