Community Heroes

Ali Maricich

by Eleanor from Los Angeles

Ali at UTB ( ())
Ali at UTB ( ())

The word hero means something different to everyone. To me, a hero is someone who is joyful, not afraid to do anything, and gives back to the community. Real heroes do not need to be famous or an action figure, but they are still a celebrity to you. My hero is the best ski instructor I know, Ali Maricich. She makes me know that I can do anything if I try.

Ali grew up in Sun Valley, Idaho. Her dad, a professional skier, and her mother, a professional ice skater, taught her how to ski and ice skate. All the skating made her become a better dancer, which she started doing at age 4. Now she lives in Seattle, Washington and is studying Dance at Cornish College of the Arts. Last year, she went with her school to London to study modern dance, jazz, and ballet. She is thinking of moving to either Los Angeles, New York, or London when she graduates this May.

Even though she is a student, she is also and excellent teacher. She knows my strenghts and even when I do not think I am ready to learn new things, she makes me feel confident. Ali always tells me it is okay to make mistakes and it is proof that I am trying. Since I had her as a teacher, she has been super nice and made me enjoy skiing.

There are so many reasons that Ali is my hero, but the main one is because she also teaches at risk youth and children with disabilities. She has helped out at Unleash the Brilliance (UTB), which is a program that helps teens and young adults that are going through poverty, peer pressure, and bullying. As Ali teaches me by being nice and pushing me to do things, she also does this with children with disabilities. She knows that people with disabilities are capable as anyone else to accomplish goals.

Ali is the best ski instructor, teacher, and community worker. She is a big hero to me and other people. Ali makes me feel confident and that I could do anything I want. She inspires me to be a good person when I grow up, and that is what makes her my hero.

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