Andreea Marin

by Slepoi from Balti

                                                       My  hero

      Robert Kiyosaki said: But the heroes don't just inspire us, they make the things  to be more simple.''

   Each of us has his hero.

There are many personalities who inspire me: Henry  Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Coco Chanel, Andreea Marin.

  All these persons created their success without money, without relationships, but they had a burning desire, a big determination and a good planned aim.


 I choose to speak about Andreea Marin.

    She's an awesome Romanian TV presenter. Andreea doesn't come from a rich family. Her great success is due to her hardworking character.

  She said: It's not so simple to be TV moderator. You must smile even if your soul is broken.''

  I'm impressed by her style of life. She reads a lot. Andreea has a bright thinking, a perfect speech. She's very beautiful for her age.

   She directed, Value the life''. It's  a long-running show about life stories.

    Andreea Marin is the only Romanian UNICEF Good will Ambassador.

                                                                             Olia Slepoi,

                              student of High school, Ion Creanga

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