Andrej Melnikov

by Ann and Veronika from Mogilev, Belarus

A small Andrej with his family (Family album (photo from family album))
A small Andrej with his family (Family album (photo from family album))

Andrej Melnikov is a hero for us and for many people of our country and Russia. He was born on the 11th of April in 1968 in Mogilev, Belarus. His parents were ordinary people. He studied in school 28, and finished it in 1985. Then he worked as tractor-driver.

Andrej Melnikov in Afghanistan
Andrej Melnikov in Afghanistan

In 1987 he went to army, it was his own decision. He didn't wait for being recruited, he went there himself. He was sent to Afghanistan. He took part in many battles. And he was always brave and manly. He helped his partners and defended his country. But the Height 3234 became his last place. He fought for the last sigh. He saved his point but he lost his life. Andrej was buried in his city, Mogilev.

In the middle of the Summer Andrej Melnikov got the name of the Hero of the Soviet Union.

Our Pioneer School Organization is called by his name. A street in our city has his name. We are proud of him, that he was born in our country, and he studied in our school.

by Ann & Veronika

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