Alan Mills

by Nikki from Barrie

Alan Mills was in St. Michaels hospital in Toronto. My dad is a hero because he is helpful and helps me through bad times. He is very kind and he is a very nice person.

When he was younger he would have chess competitions and was in the city Olympics. His grandmother taught him to be more patient and kind. She always made him feel important. She was truly his best friend! He had early independence and self esteem. He also had people skills by jobs, schooling and living alone.

He overcame his obstacles by self discipline which taught him to stay focused on goals and ambitions.

Alan Mills accomplished creating a good family and being recognized and respected in the community. My hero also accomplished raising money and awareness about early child diseases. My hero accomplished his kids loving him. He has five people in his family. There are him, which is the dad, and there's Kelly Mills which is the mom in the family and Nicole Mills which is the oldest kid in the family and there's Jozeph Mills the middle aged kid and Haleigh Mills which is the youngest kid.

Alan Mills has all these character traits: honesty, he tells the truth and never lies. Courage, does the right things even if it's hard. Respectful, listens to peoples stories. Optimistic, looking positive to things. Responsibility, responsible for other people's things. My hero influenced me by teaching me the right things. My hero also influences me by doing good deeds and not doing bad things. Alan Mills is my hero!

By Nikki

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