Adam Montoya

by Alec from Elgin

To be completely honest, my life has been great, grades held high, had crushes here and there, but I was always so bummed about life. I used to think it was just a phase of puberty, but no, I had a mild case of depression. Now, I didn't tell my parents, but I couldn't hold it in forever. Then I searched around YouTube looking for something to lift me up, try not to laugh compilations, epic fails, everything. But finally I came upon one that lit up my day, that made me feel a lot less alone, that mans name, is Adam Montoya. His internet alias is known to be Seananners, he is the funniest guy that thinks like a child, but has the vocabulary of an adult. He brought me out of deep times, and saved my soul from anything I'd come across, he saved me physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. He made me the person that I am today.. That is why I selected Adam Montoya to be my hero

Adam Montoya is a middle aged man that started out as a small channel, that progressively got greater through small charity live streams that worked up to meeting and getting publicity from playing with other YouTubers. From there on he gained his wonderful personality and reputation. This triumph of becoming famous really reached out to me and I sought out the can't do's and turn them into can do's. When on YouTube, it's hard to gain an upper position and be seen by people. He used his kind heart and will to attract people's attention, then made himself a Video game Commentator. He made himself known and all from scratch, like I am now.

A hero to me is one who makes the effort to make life better for others than himself and strives to light up people's days. Adam Montoya reaches out to people that want to be known and matter in today's society. Many, such as myself, have trouble believing in themselves and are too nervous to do anything about it. Some people demote themselves, commit themselves, and consider themselves practically "garbage". Now, he doesn't believe that this is true and instead tries to motivate people through his experiences and to set a bar, or an example/goal to reach for. Overall, he has helped churches, hospitals, the depressed, and the ones who give up on everything. This man, may seem childish to some, even straight out creepy, but to me, he is a true hero. One that doesn't ask for much in return for giving a memorable life experience.

As I has said before, my life was great but I was struggling with the purpose of life, I looked up the term and it came up with Depression, a deep state of thinking on the downside of the purpose life. Now I never told my parents because I wanted to be treated like a normal kid. So, for a couple of years, I fought it up until the point where I stumbled across the name "Seananners" from my cousins constant watching of YouTube. So I saw it, and the face he had on his videos, that warm welcoming face of someone who understands the pain some people go through. He stood out to me and made me smile, and so I watched, and watched. And the more I did, the less I thought about the term depression. Over the period of eight grade I went back and forth until I stuck myself with the personality of who I am today. Seananners isn't just a good person, he formed me into the alive and energetic person that I am today.

Though he may have started from nothing, he changed the lives of many teens around the globe with his comedy and joyful personality. He reminds me of another entertainer, but he was also under the effects of depression, and couldn't live out his life to the fullest. I to this day am still sad that he decided so, and so I try to have the iron willed influence that Robin Williams never did. Adam Montoya may not realize it but he, with the good hearted personality he has, has saved thousands of people's confused lives and I wish he knew that, but then again, he has a life too. Seananners is my true hero for all of the magical things and joy he's spread to for the people across the world.

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