Alecia (Pink) Moore

by Maranda from Clarksville

A hero is somebody that is helps others. They put others before them and sometimes save people. They are people other people look up to. I think heroes are cops and firefighters or soldiers. People who are good to others. I think they should also be fearless.

Pink’s born name is Alecia Beth Moore. She is very fearless. She is a strong person too. She has just made a come back. At 16 she got her first record deal. She also published her first solo album in 2000. She sold 3 million of her first album “Can’t take me home”. She has been singing since she was three. She was born on 09/08/1979 in Doylestown, PA.

She inspires me because she is so fearless. She is a very good singer. She is the reason I wanted to be in choir. If I would have not heard her sing or knew about her then I would not have started singing. She is also a very cool person. She is also my sister's role model and my sister is the one that told me about her and that is how she became my hero.

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