Alex Morgan

by Tammy from San Diego

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Alex Morgan is the fastest and youngest player on the U.S. Women's National Team, scoring over forty goals within the short time span of two years. Morgan has been watched by many, but wouldn't be here if it wasn't for those around motivating and supporting her each step of the way. Alex Morgan has always been a motivated athlete. Born and raised in Diamond Bar, California to parents Mike and Pamela Morgan. Morgan being youngest of three girls always looked up to her two older sisters, and famous soccer player Kristin Lily. Alex states that the highlight of her life was getting a gold medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics, but she hopes it isn't the only thing that she will achieve. In order to be a hero you need to exceed beyond everyone else, such as Morgan did. She wants to be one of the best players in history, and is working hard to try to accomplish that goal. Alex's talent is known everywhere and without it she wouldn't be where she is now. As much as Alex wants to be influential on the field, she takes the timeout of her day to help with charities and making her new book to inspire ones out there. Alex Morgan shows hard work, talent, and motivation to make a change on and off the field, which makes her one of the most famous female idols in soccer history.

Alex Morgan proves to individuals that if one works hard and tries to achieve what they set out to do, anything can be accomplished. The Author explains Morgan as someone who is, "Equally talented on the pitch as she is in the classroom, she was named to the 2010 ESPN Academic All-District team" (Official Website of Alex Morgan). This shows that, Alex Morgan is described as not only a hard worker playing soccer on the field, but one in classroom also. Alex knows how to balance soccer and school with her hard work on and off the field. She got an award for all her academic hard work, and was put on the roster for the ESPN Academic Team. Based on the information from U.S Soccer an article entitled "Alex Morgan" it states, "One of the USA's fastest players and hardest runners, Morgan has become a consistent scoring threat" (Alex Morgan). This information is trying to define Alex Morgan is one of the fastest and hardest runners on the USA Women's National Team. Scoring many goals throughout her soccer career on this national team, working her hardest she has became a threat to all the opponents she has battled against. As you can see, Morgan's hard work has paid off and now is one of the most successful players on the National Team.

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The talent of Alex Morgan has inspired many young athletes and brings positive presents to each game. Her talent was showed when she made her first appearance at the Women's World Cup, scoring her first goal against France: "The youngest player on the team, she scored her first World Cup goal in the semifinal match against France, and the team went on to the finals"(Alex Morgan Biography). This demonstrates that Alex is first of all, talented making the U.S. National Team, but on top of that being the youngest player talented enough to make the roster. She has scored many goals such as, a critical goal against France which lead the team to advance the team to the finals in the Women's World Cup. In the gold medal match against Japan in the World Cup Morgan makes an astonishing finish: "Alex scored the winning goal in the semifinal match against Canada in extra time, sending the United States to the gold medal match against Japan"(Alex). Alex Morgan has contributed and made an impact on the U.S. National Team. Scoring unforgettable goals that led the team to victory. Morgan one of the players that make an impact on the field, and without her talent the team wouldn't be the same. It must be said that Alex Morgan is one of the most talented players in the United States conquering many obstacles and being the deadliest players on the field.

Morgan believes that the actions made off the field, count as much as the ones on that is why she takes time out of her life to help with cancer organizations and different ways to influence individuals. Morgan has made a novel to inspire those to do their best, "In this debut novel by Olympic gold medalist Alex Morgan, comes the first book in an empowering middle-grade series about believing in yourself and working as a team" (Official Website of Alex Morgan). Morgan does as much as she can off the field to help enthuse others; not only on the field. She has published a book for young players out there to always believe yourself, and work as hard as you can so you can be a better player, achieving your goals. Morgan has been a big supporter and sponsor to help raise money for a cancer organization: "Alex Morgan...Charities/Philanthropies: Susan G. Komen for the Cure..." (Susan G. Komen for the Cure Celebrity Supporters & Events). Alex Morgan has helped with several charities but her most important charity she volunteers for is the, "Susan G. Komen breast Cancer Foundation". Helping to raise money and empowering those with breast cancer that everything is going to be ok. It cannot be denied that Alex Morgan is selfless and she is a motivated to make a difference outside of the U.S. National team.

The hard work, talent, and motivation on and off the field are what make female soccer player, Alex Morgan a hero. The character of Alex Morgan has made her very successful, being an idol to thousands of soccer players around the world. Something that Alex Morgan inspires me and others around is the effort and actions she makes. Morgan determines others want to try their best, and reach for their dreams, such as she has. Alex Morgan is an astonishing role model helping others, like the cancer organization and the book she has made to inspiring young athletes to show, anything's possible if you put your time and hard work into it. Having Alex Morgan to look up to has made a big impact in my life, making me strive to chase my dreams.


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