Azie Morton

by Alex from Austin

"You have to earn your success and put forth maximum effort to achieve it." -- Azie Taylor Morton
Azie Taylor Morton (
Azie Taylor Morton (

I believe a hero is someone who is passionate about giving back to the community, like my hero Azie Taylor Morton. Azie Morton is a woman of achievement; nothing is more important to her than education, family, and giving back to the community.

Education is very important to Azie. She graduated college with a Bachelor of Science in Commercial Education in 1956. During the time Azie was working as a staff member at her former college, Huston–Tillotson University, she built a library because of her affection for reading. Today the Azie Morton Library is still standing. I never really thought that education mattered, and then I realized that education affects your future.

<center>Huston-Tillotson University</center>
Huston-Tillotson University

One thing Azie Morton taught me is to give back to the community. Azie helped students attending Huston–Tillotson pay for their tuition. In addition, Azie loaned books to the students who couldn’t afford them. She let people who couldn't go home, stay at her home for the holidays. She also gave clothing and blankets to the students who didn’t have any.

Azie Morton made me realize family is very important, and family gets you through the tough times. Azie was born on a farm near Austin, Texas. She did not know her father. Her mother, who was deaf, relied on her own parents to take care of Azie. The small family had very little clothing, but they never felt deprived. "We grew all our own vegetables and I never went hungry," Azie said. Azie’s grandfather, who was self-educated, told Azie, "Character is what you are; your reputation is what people think you are. Always be sure your character is what it should be. Always be honest."

I hope you now know why I chose Azie Morton for my hero, and I also hope you see her as a hero, too.

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In addition the hero qualities, actions, and accomplishments fourth grader Alex sites in the story below, Azie Taylor Morton also distinguished herself as the first--and only so far to date--African American to be appointed and serve as Treasurer of the United States (from 1977 to 1981). She made much of her life about family and helping other families, businesses, and organizations in her community and beyond.