Aimee Mullins

by Sean from San Diego

Aimee doing the long jump ( ())
Aimee doing the long jump ( ())

Aimee Mullins

"Brendan knew something was wrong with his daughter the moment he saw her in the 

delivery room.the doctor held the baby up "I think we have a problem here". Aimee Mullins is 

an all-star track athlete that was born without her fibula bones in her shin. She continues to give 

hope to disabled kids through her hard work and determination. Aimee is a generally happy 

individual, not bothered by her disability a single bit. She was in her high school years when she 

did sports like softball, track, and skiing. At the time she lived in Allentown Pennsylvania, she 

did not like it there. Aimee possesses both determination and a hard working mind set. They may 

sound similar, but they are not. Determination is doing whatever it takes to achieve a goal, such 

as being a track runner. Hard work on the other hand is always trying your best and giving 110% 

all the time. Aimee, having both of these traits, makes her, not only a hero, but making herself a 

better person in the process. She is also inspiring other people to be what they want to be no 

matter what.

 ( ())
( ())

Aimee continues to give hope to disabled people through her hard work. She would never 

give up, even if she lost. Her coach told her before all of his training, seeing if she REALLY 

wanted to do track: "a single leg amputee uses 30% to 40% more oxygen than an able bodied 

person. For a double amputee like you (Aimee), oxygen requirements are even higher". Despite 

it being significantly harder, she still raced with able bodied people. Though later in her life she 

joined races for disabled people. There, she set records in long jump and sprinting. Aimee told us 

at the 2012 Olympics: "I am extremely honored to be appointed U.S. Chef de mission for 2012 

Olympic Games." Eventually though all of her hard work she made it to the Olympics. This is a 

big achievement because for many the chance to represent their country in a sport comes once if 

not none in a life time. Overall Aimee Mullins worked very hard and obviously it paid off. She is 

also showing that if you work hard, you can achieve big things.

She was also a model
She was also a model

Aimee is also a very determined person to win and be the best she can be. Aimee is

a 'stubborn' person to some extent and refused to give up on her hopes and dreams: "you can't 

be afraid of the duce". This means that you can't be afraid of what could happen you just have to 

try your hardest to get your goal. Before her coach told her this she wanted to opt-out of the 200 

yard sprint because her leg was coming off, but she went anyway. She has always had her 

amputation, she had it since she was one year old, and the sole reason she does sports is because 

she wants to. "The most astonishing thing about this 35-year-old woman, a model who became 

Alexander McQueen's muse after a successful career on the running track, is that she was born 

without fibula bones in her shins." She also worked to become things like a model and gained 

access to the pentagon at age 19.She has been doing sports her entire life without legs and still 

continues to be better thing with her like get an education. Aimee Mullins is determined to 

become a better person, not just in athletics but career-wise too.

Aimee continues to inspire the disables through her hard work and determination and

strives to be the best she can be. Aimee always worked hard and did sports simple because she 

wanted to. She did not let her disability get in her way. Aimee inspires people because she has a 

great excuse to not become anything, but she still chooses to be an athlete. She is an example to 

others, and an inspiration to most. She never gives up no matter what the obstacle is even if she 

gets lest place, she finishes strong. Now, my question is to you, what's your excuse?

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