Alexander Nevsky

by Sasha from Samara, Russia

In my opinion a person who does something great is called a hero. A lot of famous people are known as heroes. Some of them risk their lives, others died saving people’s lives.

Alexander Nevsky (
Alexander Nevsky (

I think a hero is an example of bravery, kindness and honesty. A hero is necessary for big masses of people. All people need an ideal. Heroes are these ideals for people on our planet. Every country has its own national heroes. They did or do something great for their Motherland. These people are remembered by millions of people.

I think Russian prince Alexander Nevsky can be considered a Russian national hero. His father was Yaroslav the Wise. Nevsky was prince of Veliky Novgorod. He worked much for Russia with his sword and head. He defended it from foreign conquerors. After the Nevskaya Battle his name was known by everyone. After this battle Alexander got his nickname “Nevsky”. Alexander Nevsky was a person who had lofty aims. And he always achieved his aims.

I think everyone must think about his Native land. Everyone must do something in order to make his country better and the life in it happier. The life of Alexander Nevsky can be an example of true bravery, nobility and love for Motherland. His heroic deeds were celebrated in every corner of the country. True heroism of Alexander Nevsky is a good example for me, too. I also want to do a great deed for Russia and for its people. I’d like to be remembered in the world history.

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