Alfred Nobel

by Brendan from Liberty Township

Have you ever heard about the Nobel Prize and what it is awarded for, or that the same man who made it also made dynamite and over 350 different inventions? This person was Alfred Nobel and he is my hero.
Alfred Nobel (Wikipedia)
Alfred Nobel (Wikipedia)

Alfred Nobel's childhood was hard but he was able to become prosperous. He was born in Stockholm, Sweden and was the fourth born. His family was in poverty until his father moved to Saint Petersburg and became successful. In his adult life Alfred created dynamite ant became very wealthy. Alfred Nobel faced many challenges in his lifetime that he had to overcome. He was one of the four brothers who survived childhood. In total, he had eight brothers but four of them didn't make it because of his family's poverty. He was also accused of High Treason against France for selling ballistite, an explosive powder he helped make, to Italy. So he ended up moving to Italy. His brother died in an explosion of a product that Alfred produced, dynamite. When new of the explosion reached the newspapers someone accidentally wrote Alfred's obituary, saying "the merchant of death is dead." This horrified Alfred ant he worried about how he would be remembered.

Gas Meter (Wikipedia)
Gas Meter (Wikipedia)

Alfred Nobel was able to accomplish a lot in his lifetime. He became very prosperous from his invention of dynamite and 350 different inventions, including the patent gas meter. He wanted to give back to the world. He created the Nobel Prize Foundation. He made the first five Nobel Prizes, created from gold, from his own wealth.

Nobel Prize (Wikipedia)
Nobel Prize (Wikipedia)

 Alfred Nobel was very brave and did his best to be friendly to everyone. He was brave because he started his own business and risked it all for a chance of success. If he never did this, the Nobel Prizes wouldn't exist because have the money to make the gold trophies. He showed kindness by generally trying to right the wrongs he thought he did. If there was something didn't like about himself, he would try to change it. He was caring because he left ninety-four percent of his wealth to try to compel humanity to make a positive changes in the world.


Alfred Nobel is important to me because he made the Nobel Prize to reward people for their kindness. One of his sayings was "If I have 100 ideas and only one of them is good, I am content."  

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