Anna Norcross

by Alexis from Essex

Anna Norcross is my hero. She grew up in Essex Junction, Vermont. Anna works at Martone's Market, which is her job. She lives with her mom, dad, two brothers and her animals. She has a boxer named Rudy, a cat named Fin and a frog named Gill.

Anna and her parents volunteer through their church. She and her family also help foster kids. They have been doing foster care for seven years.

Anna volunteers at the Echo Center. The Eco Center is an aquarium and science center. She is a guide there and she tells people who are visiting about the animals. Anna tells where the animals live and what they are like.

Anna has been volunteering since September of 2013. She heard about a volunteer opening from one of her friends and Anna wanted to know more about it; so she googled it and emailed the lady who works there to inquire about it.

Anna said that it is not that hard to volunteer at the Echo Center. Its only hard if you do not know an answer to a question that someone asks. However, It takes a lot of time to get used to the routine at Echo. Anna says that you meet new people, you have to learn about the new exhibits, and you have to know a lot about the animals in Lake Champlain. Anna likes to educate people about the animals in Lake Champlain.

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