Annie Oakley

by Annika from Laguna Beach

Painted Picture by Annika (Painted Picture  (Annika))
Painted Picture by Annika (Painted Picture (Annika))

Do you know how to shoot a gun? My hero is Annie Oakley. My hero is known for being an amazing gun shooter and is known for performing in many circuses. She also lived through many hardships, but kept strong. My hero lived in many places and was born on August 13, 1860. Annie Oakley is important to me because she stayed strong through many hardships and obstacles she has faced in her life.

A hero quality I think that Annie Oakley portrayed was strength. While Annie was growing up she moved to many different places. She was born in her parent's house in Ohio. Her parents worked very hard but could not afford the house they lived in anymore so Annie and her family moved into a smaller apartment. The apartment was very cramped so Annie moved into an infirmary. Annie worked hard and after a month a man came wanting a young girl to help out with his wife's new baby. They worked her very hard and most likely beat her. Annie was very strong through this and did everything she could to help her mother. This is one of Annie's most important virtues, but it is not her only.

Another virtue that Annie Oakley holds is a caring spirit. Annie Oakley was very caring to everyone she met. When she worked for the Wolves she was having a very hard time. The only reason she kept working for him was because he was sending money to her mother. Annie also gave money to charity. When Annie was in competitions or shows she always sent money to charities and people in need. Annie showed me that you can always help others.

Courage is another one of Annie's virtues. Annie showed courage was she started shooting guns. Men and boys were the only people who learned to shoot guns, but Annie felt that she should shoot guns. She also showed courage and bravery when she asked Katzenbergers if she could sell them her game. They said yes, and they gave money to Annie, then she gave that to her mother to help pay off the mortgage.

Annie Oakley, my hero, shows qualities that make her a hero in my eyes. My hero is very brave, strong, caring and has a lot of courage. She inspires me to be braver and to care about others who don't have as much as I do. Who is your hero?

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