August Ortiz

by Noah Schmitz from Loveland, Colorado

This is one of the ministries August teaches ( (NLC))
This is one of the ministries August teaches ( (NLC))

My hero August Ortiz is a helpful and caring minister at New Life Church in Cabot, Arkansas. When I first met August in the church he had a glowing presence that illuminated the room from his bright smile and personality. After meeting August I began to grow closer and closer to Christ, while having a great time learning about God. What makes him my hero is that he is Brave, he has Determination, and Humility.

One quality that makes him my hero is he's brave and is willing to do anything to help one accomplish a goal. In case of bullying August would stand up for you, no matter who it was hurting you, by speaking from his heart. August is open to all to hear his amazing and touching messages that I truly believe come straight from God. Also connecting with youth is one of August's specialties

Determination is what keeps this pastor and care taker of youth fighting for them to come closer to God. In times of need August struggles through to answer God not only for himself but for others. If I have any questions regarding the bible or life he gives me the best answer he can and if he truly doesn't know he will work until he finds the answer.. When August first came to NLC I saw many other students come closer to God along with me from his determination to make Jesus known.

He never ever gives up on himself or any others. Humility doesn't have a toll on August for if God his savior loves him he is happy, this is also how he wants us to feel about ourselves. By his way of ministering he shows that taking care of others is one of the most important things you can achieve in life even if someone laughs at you or calls you names. He also shows that thinking of yourself before others leads to foolishness and sin. From meeting August I have learned how to treat others properly and how to have fun while learning about our creator.

This is another ministry he teaches with his wife ( (NLC))
This is another ministry he teaches with his wife ( (NLC))

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