Lifesavers Heroes

Alejandro Osorio

by Raquel from Medellin

My hero is my father. His name is Alejandro. He works in urology. He lives in an apartment in el Poblado. For fun, he does exercise. Alejandro lives with my mother, my sister and me. He likes to eat chicken very much.

I think Alejandro is a hero because he saves lives and makes people feel better. My father saves lives when the other urologist does an incorrect surgery. The urologists call my dad to do the surgery again and cure the patient. One night the phone rang and it was the hospital because there was a patient that was bad. So my dad went to the hospital at 1:30 am and he cured the patient. My dad came home again at 3:00 pm. All that time at the hospital!!!

In conclusion, Alejandro will give all his might to cure his patient, and to see the patient get well. So this shows that Alejandro is a real hero.

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