Alexander Ovechkin

by Nathan from Cornwall

Alexander Ovechkin (Wikipedia (Wikipedia file picture))
Alexander Ovechkin (Wikipedia (Wikipedia file picture))

You might not understand why a person would kiss there glove and point to the sky after they score a goal but in this case Alexander Ovechkin does it to salute his brother. A hero to me is someone that inspires me someone that does good things for his community in this case Alexander Ovechkin is my hero. Alexander Ovechkin is one of the best players in the NHL. He's got speed, agility, endurance you name it!

Alexander Ovechkin was born in Moscow, Russia on September 17, 1985. His parents were both athletes, his dad's name is Mikhail Ovechkin and his mom's name is Tatyana Ovechkina. Mikhail was a former soccer player and Tatyana was a basketball player. She won two gold Olympic medals with the Russian Women's basketball team in 1976 and 1980. Alexander Ovechkin loved hockey ever since he first picked up a hockey stick at 2 yeas old. He watched every single game on television and wouldn't let his parents change the channel. Alexander Ovechkin had a brother name Sergei who would always get along together. Sergei was the first to notice Alex's talent. When his parents stopped bringing Alex to hockey, Sergei offered to take him anywhere he wanted to go. A couple years later something happened that changed Alexander Ovechkin forever. Alex's older brother Sergei was killed in a car crash. He was only in his early 20's when it happened. Still now Alexander Ovechkin credits his brother Sergei for introducing him to and pushing him to continue playing hockey.

Alexander Ovechkin's five greatest qualities would be speed, aggressive, agility, endurance and puck control. Because it took him so long to achieve these qualities, he deserves all of them. Alexander Ovechkin is one of the fastest NHL players. He can get by almost anyone because he has such great puck control and agility. He is also fearless when it comes to taking the puck away from another player. Looking at his size you would never think that he could be so aggressive while playing hockey. Even though he is small he can still knock down players twice his height.

Alexander Ovechkin has earned the title "hero" because his whole entire life he has tried so hard to make it to the NHL. His brother helped him push harder to achieve his dream but the day Alexander Ovechkin's brother died his whole life changed. Alexander Ovechkin continued playing hockey because he knew that his brother would want him to. Alexander Ovechkin was drafted first Overall by the Washington Capitals on June 26,2004. Ovechkin is only the second Russian in NHL history to be drafted in the first Overall. Now every time he scores a goal he kisses his glove and points to the sky to salute to his brother.

Alexander Ovechkin, inspires me so much because I'd like to be as good as him and score as many goals as him. It's also really inspiring that he continued playing hockey after his brother's death because he was so depressed you would never have thought he would continue. I play hockey myself and I love it. The funnest part is when you make good plays and you get along with your team. Alexander Ovechkin was first Overall draft which is very hard to do. It took him lots of practicing and lots of courage but at the end he achieved his goal.

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"If I lived in Washington I'd pay whatever the season-ticket price is just to watch (Ovechkin) play. To me, he's a special player who comes around once every 10 years. He's unbelievable."