Alex Pacheco

by Reese from Dublin

Alex Pacheco with his dog, Little Bear
Alex Pacheco with his dog, Little Bear

We were asked to give the definition of a hero in class. I said a hero should be someone positive, brave, courageous and strong through tough times. Someone who is modest, kind, and not afraid to risk their lives for the sakes of others. When we shared what we thought the definition of a hero was everyone's answer was different, although the answers were along the same lines. The dictionary says a hero is a person (or thing) admired for their achievements and qualities. That is why I chose Alex Pacheco for my hero.

Alex Pacheco was born in 1958 in Joliet, Illinois. His first animal abuse case was about abuse on monkeys in Silver Spring, Illinois. He reported abuse on monkeys in a behavioral institute, and that started his concern for animals. After that, he started People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (P.E.T.A.), a fund for animals.

One of the traits of a hero he has is kindness. He shows this trait by caring for animals by him and others starting P.E.T.A. Another trait of a hero he shows is bravery. He shows this by standing up for animals (since they can't really do that themselves) and starting P.E.T.A. regardless of what others think. The other trait he shows is love and care. He shows this by caring for the animals and starting P.E.T.A

To animals, and to people, he definitely is a hero.

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