Alex Pacheco

by Caitlin from Mission Viejo

“We feel that animals have the same rights as a retarded human child because they are equal mentally in terms of dependence on others.”
Alex Pacheco (
Alex Pacheco (

After growing up with animals all my life, I’ve always known I wanted to work with them when I was older - whether it’s being a nurse or helping with organizations to save them. I first became aware to my personal career hero, Alex Pacheco, when I heard of the animal organization, PETA. After being told to pick a career hero I looked up the founder of the foundation and found Alex Pacheco. I was specifically attracted to him and his career because he worked with animals, and did everything he could to start a phenomenon on saving their lives. When I’m older that is exactly what I want to be able to do.

Alex Pacheco is co-founder of PETA. PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. This organization fights against animals testing, using animal’s fur, factory farming, and animals being used in the entertainment industry. PETA is non-profit, meaning Alex does not make any money off of doing it or helping out with it, all money goes to the animals.

While Alex grew up he was always around animals. “He would often buy turtles and birds from pet stores, and even a baby crab-eating macaque.” This would carry on, and these traits would later translate into skills needed for his career with animals. While going into college, Pacheco was going to study to become a priest, until he later on realized what he was meant to do. To follow his career he organized campaigns and became volunteers for different causes.

Alex Pacheco has done a great amount of contributing to society through his career. He has encouraged people to follow his steps in stopping animal abuse, and testing. He also saved millions of animals with his work. Not only in PETA, but also in his other career, this was starting the Pacheco helped other people as well. He started a ripple effect of helping animals. He influences many people to do the right thing and fight against what is wrong. His career as an activist has given animal rights and his career as being the co-founder of PETA has blossomed into something amazing. PETA is now “the largest animal’s rights organization in the world.”

The steps I need to take in order to live a life like Alex Pacheco and get involved in a career such as his would be to have goals. I need to follow what I like doing, which is caring for animals. To do this I need to take the right classes in high school and get my credits so that when I go to college I can do what I want to do. While in high school, my goal is to volunteer at a local animal shelter once I turn 18, so that I can get a head start on what I want to do. My lifetime goal would to become a vet. Like Alex Pacheco, I need to start small and work my way up. Then, I can hopefully make a difference and save animals lives just like him. That’s why Alex Pacheco is my career hero.

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