Amy Palmiero

by Joseline from Columbus

"The first and most important step toward success is the feeling that we can succeed."Nelson Boswell
Amy Palmiero (runners
Amy Palmiero (runners

My hero is Amy Palmiro; she is a famous runner. I wrote about this person because she has overcome some difficult obstacles in life. She is a person that many other people look up to because of her determination, dedication, strength and courage.

My Hero is Amy Palmiero Winters. Amy Palmiero Winters is a very good and a talented runner. Amy lives in New York, but her hometown is Meadvill, Pennsylvania. Amy Palmiero is a single mother of two kids. Amy Palmiero kind of made a difference in a way of maybe encouraging athletes or anyone with an injury or disability to keep doing what they love to do and to be confident and stay strong. This advice comes from something that happened to her in her life. In 1994 she was driving her motorcycle and a car pulled up in front of her and crushed her left foot. After the accident she spent two months in the hospital. The doctors told her that she could not run again. Then after twenty-five surgeries, thirteen years and therapy she didn’t give up and kept running. She ran the Columbus Marathon and many other races.

Amy Palmiero Winters has not given up and hopefully she will never give up. Amy is an awesome runner she has a lot of strength, courage, confidence, and determination. These are good things that all athletes should have. Amy Palmiero Winters has won awards like the International Triathlon Union World Championships in 2005 and 2006 and many others. She was also given many important names that reflected on her strength, confidence and determination. An important thing that she said is that the loss of her leg will never change, and for her to feel bad won't change anything either. She knows she’s been given a gift and she feels it’s important to get it out there and show the world. She has also been called the fastest amputee runner in the U.S.

Amy Palmiero has inspired me by teaching me to never give, and to always follow what I love. Amy’s confidence and strength has inspired me too and when I heard her story that amazed me. The message that I learned from her and that I know others will learn too is that it doesn’t matter whether it’s a sport or anything but the best advice is to stay strong, have confidence, and determination. This advice will probably always help because it helped Amy Palmiero and anyone else can do it too.

In conclusion Amy Palmiero Winters is a very talented runner. Amy is women who are recognized for her talent, strength, courage and determination. I have learned great advice and many things from Amy. She has inspired me and will inspire others. Amy Palmiero Winters is my hero.

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