Amie Paramore

by Mada from Pickerington

Amie is riding my horse, Rajah (Taken at the time of riding)
Amie is riding my horse, Rajah (Taken at the time of riding)

My definition of a hero?

An admirable person who helps others, is respected, and stands out positively in other's minds.

Is it Important to Have a Hero?

Well, it can be good to have a hero, but it's not always necessary. It's nice to have someone to compare yourself to, set ideals and goals for your lifestyle and path. Others find they can set goals and life for themselves without help or someone they look up to.

My Personal Hero.

Someone I think is a hero? My riding instructor, Amie Paramore. She's an excellent dressage rider and she uses her skills to help her students, as well as others, become good riders. Sometimes, she goes out of her way to help others. She helps and teaches people even if they aren't dressage riders. She puts up with a lot of things and helps people with their problems. I respect her a lot.

I think Amie Paramore should be in the hero hall of fame because she is a very admirable human being. Honestly, other riding trainers could learn from her example. She actually tries to do what's in the best interest for both the horse and the rider. She tries to understand her students, too, which most instructors I've had don't. She never tells her students to do something if she thinks they can't do it. She has lot of faith in her students and their abilities. Overall, she's a very good person. She cares about her students, their horses, and just everyone overall. She has a very good sportsmanship and is very forgiving, unlike a lot of trainers.


1. Q: Who is your personal hero and why?

A: Lesley McDonald. She's a good rider and a good trainer.

2. Q: Did your hero affect you a lot?

A: Yeah

3. Q: Did they affect your decisions at all?

A: She encouraged me to be a better and more thinking rider, so yes.

4. Q: Do you think a hero can affect how people ride?

A: Yes, definitely.

5. Q: Do you think having a hero can have a negative influence on horse people?

A: If they mess up or do something bad, sure.

6. Q: Did anyone or anything make you decide how you train your students?

A: I've ridden for a long time, I picked up my teaching style from Lesley.

7. Q: How about Horses?

A:She taught me each horse is an individual, you have to treat and ride them like it.

8. Q: Why did you decide to ride dressage?

A: I like the exacting nature.

9. Q: If you had another choice of career, what would it be?

A: Something with animals, a vet maybe.

10. Q: Would you change careers if you had the option?

A: No

In the short run, Amie's hero is Lesley McDonald because she's a good rider and trainer. Lesley had a big effect on her life as well as her life decisions. Amie had rode for a long time and picked up her training style from Lesley, as well as picking up her own things. She learned from Lesley that each horse is different and you have to treat them like it. Amie thinks having a hero can and does affect how people ride, and a hero can hardly ever be a bad influence unless they mess up or something. I really admire Amie, especially for her beliefs, thoughts, and decisions. She wouldn't change her career choice even if she could, and even if she did, she'd still work with animals. I really respect and admire her answers, and I really admire the fact she's happy with her life choices.

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Author Info

Well, most of my life revolves around horses. I've been riding horses for eight years, I guess. I have a lot of hobbies, and riding used to be one, but it's become more of a life. I've tried a few riding styles, but I didn't like them. I guess somewhere in here. My mom thought I should try dressage, so that's what I'm doing. I've had a lot of riding instructors, but none of them could really work. My mom didn't like most of them, the others just didn't believe I would stick with horses. My mom found my current riding instructor, Amie Paramore, when we were looking for a horse. She's very different from any of my riding instructors and she's gotten me farther in my training than any other instructors could. (regardless of my age) We've moved from a lot of barns, but we've still stuck with her longer than I believe any of the others.