Teachers Heroes

Andy Pellick

by Zoe from Boulder

His name is Andy Pellick. one of my favorite dancers. He has so much potential and is pure inspiration to any determined dancer hungry for more and more skill, technique and wisdom, to develop as a dancer and make their way to the top. If you're a dancer and you ever get the chance to see him dance or hear him talk about dance, just makes you want to put your heart and soul into dance. Well he got my attention for sure. Ever since NYCDA, (New York City Dance Academy) with hardcore workshops nonstop for two days during the day, with competitions at night, I learned so much as a dancer and as a person from him. He has such an amazing personality.

He made me laugh so much with his jokes, and just got me to do my absolute best during combinations he taught us. He didn't just stand on stage and teach, he actually came down and inspected as many dancers as he could to help them improve, have better technique, or even just to make you smile or laugh to have fun with the combination. A hero to me is someone who stays true to themselves, and makes a difference to someone. And Andy is exactly that to me. I've only seen him just a few times, but every time I do, I feel like I could accomplish anything as a dancer. Or at least try! "Failing helps you develop as a dancer." Those are my favorite words hes ever told of wisdom.

He means so much to me for he taught me so much as a dancer and I'm proud to say he inspired me. I'm glad I can say I know him, maybe not personally, but as a dancer, chasing my dreams. I hope he knows how much he changes dancers' lives everyday with his knowledge. He puts himself before others when it comes to dance and is always putting a smile on someone's face. So thank you for being my hero, and making such a huge difference to me. Because now all I want to do everyday all day is dance, dance, dance. I sit at my desk in school and I'm constantly flexing and pointing my toes. I stretch every day when I get home. And last but not least, I work my hardest on the dance floor.

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