Amy Perez: True Friend, True Hero

by Rebecca Meitler from Moorpark, California

A hero does not need to be strong, handsome, or great at everything. Amy Perez, a God-fearing, wonderful friend of mine, is my true hero. At first glance, she is considered an ordinary girl; however, she has made a life-changing impact on my life. Our families first met through AWANA (Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed), a ministry that teaches children to love the Lord by memorizing God’s word. We kept in touch by occasional get-togethers and our families later went through a Young Peacemakers Bible Study together. After we spent more time with each other, I realized that she was a peacemaker with her siblings and always appeared to joyfully obey her parents. Knowing her has altered my life in small yet significant ways.

I have always admired how Amy lovingly cares for her siblings, is a peacemaker in all she does, and delightfully obeys her parents. On one occasion, she was irritated when her younger siblings were shooting a Nerf gun at her. She kindly asked them to stop and continued to ignore them when they would not respect her wishes. Because of my great admiration for her Godly character, I long to be like her and influence others the way she does. Once she was with a group of people who were watching a movie she was not allowed to watch. Although they tried to pressure her into disobeying her parents, she went into a different room while they watched without her. By making a difficult decision, she received heavenly rewards and inspired me to do the same.

I have realized how her life is different because God’s word abides in her heart. One time I asked her for advice about a friendship I was struggling with, and she willingly shared a couple Bible verses that applied to my situation. In addition, she told me that the Bible verses she memorized have reminded her to praise God during trials. This motivated me not only to memorize God’s word but also to carry it out through my actions. Because she meditates on the Bible, she understands and obeys it. Despite the fact she will soon be moving to Texas, she will continue to be a true friend and my true hero.

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