Adrian Peterson

by Alex from Hawesville

A hero to me is someone that does something good for others. They give to others without thinking about what they will lose in the process of giving to others. Heroes work hard to accomplish their dreams and don't let anything get in their way of doing it. Heroes are human, so therefore they make mistakes. Heroes also learn from their mistakes and turn it to good knowledge. Through their heroic acts they teach or inspire people to do good things for others and try to make the world a better place for everyone.

Adrian Peterson is a hero because he shows people to always keep your head up and to never stop trying, always go for your dream. He shows us people in our life that we might have tragic losses in our lives. It might push you down but you need to be strong and get up. In Adrian Peterson's football career he has had many tragic losses and he keep going strong. It's what made him a better football player and a better person in the real world. He also shows people that if you don't accept the thing that has happened in your life like tragic situations you will never get over it. Adrian Peterson over the years has taught me to be strong and always have a smile on my face. Adrian Peterson is a hero because he has a foundation called All Day which helps kids around the world by helping families with food, money problems and things like that. Another reason he is a hero is because he gives inspiration to people that need it the most and puts smiles on their faces.

The All Day foundation raises awareness and funds for programs that inspire hope and build a better future for at-risk children, with a special focus on girls' empowerment. It also supports the healthy development and brightening the lives of at-risk children and their families. It also helps empowering girls with lifelong skills and values, and building a safer environment for them to live as leaders.

The All Day Foundation supports the MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital, a special place at MD Anderson dedicated to treating and curing children, adolescents and young adults with cancer. The All Day foundation also does a foundation called SOMN. SOMN is the Special Olympics Minnesota offers children and adults with intellectual disabilities year-round sports training and competition. Through Special Olympics' athletic, health and leadership programs, people with intellectual disabilities transform themselves, their communities and the world. The All Day Foundation also supports the deployed military men and women with a background ideal for disaster relief, which the help with money problems and helping them with their homes when a disaster happens. The All Day Foundation helps with break the intergenerational cycle of domestic violence by working with children who have been exposed to violence. Adrian Peterson believes it is our opportunity and responsibility to help children-at risk every day and all day. Adrian Peterson's All Day Foundation raises awareness and funds for programs that inspire hope and build a better future for at-risk children, with a special focus on girls' empowerment.

Adrian Peterson fits all of the descriptions of a hero because he is giving and he is a role model for all. If everyone in the world had even half of the kindness that he holds in his heart, the world would surely be a better place.

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