Adrian Peterson

by Trey from Florence


Adrian Peterson - as soon as he started playing football I knew he was going to be a star. Well it all started when he was on the Oklahoma Sooners. He shined more than any player in college. He was a leader for his team and that is what i like about him. He was always positive, never thought negative. That's why he is my hero. Now all i do is watch him on t.v. Now i wish i could have an opportunity to meet this extraordinary player. And that is why he is my hero. And i hope he continues his successful career.

Now he is a starting runningback for the Minnesota Vikings. I watch him on t.v. all the time and he is amazing, everyday i look up to this wonderful person thinking he has inspired me to pursue my dreams no matter what anybody says. That is what he did and now look at him, he is making millions of dollars doing what he loves and that is playing football.

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