Adrian Peterson

by Zach from Windsor

The Quarter back is under pressure, he dumps it off on a screen, Adrian catches it breaks a tackle and is off to the races, he out runs the defender and scores the crowd goes CRAZY.  Adrian Peterson the Vikings running back crosses the goal line for the first time to win the game.  Adrian Peterson tore his ACL in 2011. He is my hero because he uses determination and perseverance to get through his severe injury.

On December 26 2011 facing the Washington Redskins in the fourth quarter of the game on a handoff to Adrian he gets a good nine yards but after the tackle he can't get up and is thriving in pain.  Later that night the doctor tells Adrian that he has tore his ACL and could not participate in most if not all of the offseason. Maybe the following season because it he is a running back and it is in his knee.  After being in the rehab for a couple of weeks he is determined to get back on the field in the preseason or the early regular season.

After months of rehabilitation of doing workouts and weight lifting and mainly get back into NFL shape with running but no pads yet.  After two months of this he gets back into the NFL three whole months early.  In preseason of the week one he scores a insane four touchdowns, not setting a record but still is incredibly great.  After the preseason and his domination in it he is ready to hit the regular season.  After a good week of practice, Adrian is ready to face the Jacksonville Jaguars in a week one showdown.  The Vikings show up in their dark purple jerseys ready to win.  Adrian Peterson scores a pretty good two touchdowns to beat the Jaguars 24 to 17.  Next week during the Vikings practice Wednesday he hurts his leg again but he is okay just a cramp.  In week two of the regular season in the National Football League the Vikings lose the game to the Indianapolis Colts 23 to 20 and Adrian Peterson gets one touchdown which is good.

After a incredible season it comes down to the last game week 17 and Adrian Peterson is 209 yards short of the NFL rushing record and most importantly it's a win you're in the playoffs.  The Vikings win the game verses a very good Packers team.  The underdogs are in the playoffs but during the game verses the Packers Adrian Peterson fell 9 yards short from Eric Dickerson's record.  Adrian said after the game" a fan had a big digital sign counting down to the record and that really annoyed me, because it's about the game." But it doesn't matter because we are in the playoffs.  Unfortunately the hype with Adrian doesn't help the Vikings are one and done in the playoffs and the Vikings season comes to a screeching halt

Adrian Peterson is my hero because he shows perseverance and determination to get through tough things like a injury or a depressing thing that happens in your life and is a all around BOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

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