Adrian Peterson

by Austin from Weyauwega

Adrian Peterson (wikipedia)
Adrian Peterson (wikipedia)

Adrian Peterson is a hero because when he was younger, his nine year old brother was killed by a drunk driver. Even with his brother's death he accomplished many things. Adrian has gotten several awards in football like the MVP award three times. This is why Adrian is a hero because he overcame his older brothers death at a young age he has also had many accomplishments in the NFL and has overcame a very big knee surgery.

In Adrian's early years many rough things happened to him. Adrian was born March 21, 1985 in Palestine, Texas. His parents Bonita Brown and Nelson Peterson were both college stars. In elementary Adrian probably had the worse thing ever happened to him. His best friend was killed by a drunk driver. His best friend was his older brother Brian, age nine. Adrian was able to get up over his brother's death and in middle school. Adrian was a football star on his Pee Wee and Pop Warner teams, even with his father being the coach. He didn't have it easy, he earned every bit of playing time. One game Adrian was never tackled. The only way he got down was to get pushed out of bounds or to get a touchdown. Adrian's pee wee team won a junior state title and was undefeated the whole year. In high school Adrian became the spotlight of the team and his coach wanted everyone to look up to him and one game he said you boys should get his autograph because he is going somewhere. His senior and junior year he ran a total of 4,960 yards and 54 touchdowns. Adrian caught eyes of many D1 colleges and got offers to go to many places. He decided that he wanted to go and play for the Oklahoma Sooners.

Adrian is a talented ball player and was able to get into a D1 college on a full athletic ride scholarship. Adrian played for the Oklahoma Sooners and was a running back as a freshman he caught the eye of the head coach and started at halfback for the Sooners. Adrian as a freshman ran for a total of 1,925 yards which is now the record for the most freshman rushing yards at Oklahoma(Michael Benter 87). During his college years he got hurt multiple of times like getting a sprained ankle or during the BCS championship he got a separated shoulder but got surgery to strengthen it. Adrian's senior year he decided not to play and instead he went straight to the NFL draft and was drafted to the Vikings at 13 pick.

Adrian was an Honorable Mention player and received many awards during his football career. Adrian got multiple awards like MVP two times. Adrian got one this year even after his knee surgery. Adrian put the team on his back with 75% of the vikings offense give them several wins this year(Michael Benter 105). Also this year Adrian won the MVP of the year award this year for the whole NFL. This year was one of Adrian's best years since he had his knee surgery last year. His knee has been having problems throughout his football career but now that his knee is better he has become one of the best running backs in the NFL.

Adrian got over some of the rough things a man can go through and that was when he was seven. Adrian has overcome many things like his brother's death at a young age and he was able to move on to play for a D1 college and then move on to the NFL. Those are all just a few of the reasons that I believe Adrian Peterson is a hero and one of the best running backs in the NFL.

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