Ana Maria Polo

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Ana Maria Polo (
Ana Maria Polo (

Ana Maria was born in April 11, 1959 is a Cuban-American. She was Born in Havana, Cuba. Ana moved to Miami at a young age accompanied by her family. She went to law school and became an attorney. Later, they moved to Puerto Rico where she participated in different musicals including God Spell, and different t.v shows.

Ana Maria Polo has helped lots of people through her T.V. show as a lawyer. She has helped families by helping them find Jobs and Homes; she has even paid hospital bills for them. She is a breast cancer survivor and frequently speaks about and raises funds for the cause. Ana Maria Polo's character traits are Kind, loyal, Nice very smart, Honest and a hard worker.

I have picked Ana Maria Polo for My Hero Project Because i admire her for what she has done for others. I would like to be like her, someone who is a helpful person, who is nice, very smart and full of Joy. I would like to show my caring and concern for others the same way she has done. I also admire her For being a Latin lawyer; not everyone has that chance to become a lawyer because there are a lot of immigrants who need to have official papers in order to have the opportunity to go to college here.

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