Ana Eugenia Posada

by Luciana from Medellin

Ana Eugenis is a real hero !!!!

Ana Eugenia is a teacher. She helps people with academic problems. Ana has good and bad days like when the students don’t understand or when they don’t respect her. She picked this job because when she was little she liked to play teacher and she always wanted to be a teacher. She loves to work with other people and to make people feel happy.

Ana was inspired by a teacher named Emilia De Fontan. The best thing about her job is when she sees children are improving. Ana has been working in this profession since 1981. She has worked for 29 years helping children, 6 of these in the Columbus School. She started to work when she was 23 years old. She would love to teach others how to help other people. She thinks her job is a little bit hard but also fun. She likes it the least when students are not motivated to learn new things. She feels very good when she helps. She went to CEIPA University in Medellin, Colombia.

She is a real and a very kind teacher. Ana states, “Teachers are always touching the lives of other people. We are always trying to make people’s lives better. Teachers always have to study,” says Ana. When I was in fourth grade, I had some problems in math and reading. I had a teacher who helped me a lot. I wanted to be a teacher because of her.

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