Ana Euguenia Posada

by Laura from Medellin

Ana Eugenia works teaching kids. She has been working for 29 years since 1980. She has been working 4 years at The Columbus School. She was inspired to be a teacher by Emilia de Fontan. She loves working with students. Her first job was at Montessori school. Her favorite subjects are Math and Language Arts.

These reasons could be considered so that Ana is a hero. Ana helps all types of kids that want to learn more or that have difficulties. “I love teaching,” she says lots of times.

Ana needs to be really patient and she is when kids need to take time to understand. These are the reasons why she is a hero.

I think that you should consider Ana a hero for these reasons. She told me lots of times that she loves teaching and that is why I think she does it with lots of effort. She doesn’t help people because she wants them to consider her a hero. She does it to help people learn or to be happy. She doesn’t know that people consider her a hero, she just helps people. That’s why I think she is a hero.

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