Angela Priest

by Veronica from Collingswood

My mother and father
My mother and father

My hero would have to be hands down my mother, Angela Priest. She has enforced the biggest impact on my life thus far. She has traveled to many different places with her mother such as California and Florida. My grandfather and grandmother weren't with each other for long so they were free to move about and experience different and new things. My mother has three sisters. One of which is close in age and the other two are much younger. Once my grandmother decided to have her third child she settled her family down in Collingswood. She raised my mother and her siblings in my great great grandmother's house.

My mother has done a lot for me. She had me at a the age of 16 years old and raised me with the help of my grandmother, great grandmother and my great great grandmother. Being so young with a child, she dropped out of high school and took care of me. My biological father was never around so I was fully her responsibility. Later she meet a man that I now call my father and gave me two beautiful sisters. She always worked hard and later went to school and earned a degree in nursing and is currently working at Virtue hospital.

We have recently moved from the house that both I and her have grown up in. It was a big set for my family to go off and have a whole house to ourselves compared to the house that had multiple generations. She and my father had waited a long time to be finally financially ready.

My hero may not be that old but has witnessed many things. She has lived while her great grandmother was alive and was there when she passed.

I can't even describe how important my mother is to me. We are close in age, so she can relate to some of the things that I'm going through in a sense. She has done so much to give me a good life. I know that it wasn't easy for her and nothing in life is easy. Without her in my life I would be completely lost. She is there when I need someone to talk to and is also there to keep me in line. She has inspired me to be a strong person and to learn from my mistakes. I have seen everything that she has gone through and noticed that with life comes responsibilities. I want to be a nurse just like her and raise my own family like she did one day. She could have had chosen a different way to live her like but instead she was a great mother and did her best to give me everything that I have ever asked for. Although I may not show it at times, I deeply appreciate everything that she has done for me.

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