Albert Pujols

by Trevor from Reeds Spring

I think a hero is a person who gives back. Albert Pujols is a hero because he has helped kids that have grown up like him.

Albert Pujols is a hero because he uses his fame and his money to help kids with Down Syndrome. He has won the MVP award three times. He also helped the Cardinals to a World Series in 2006 against the Detroit Tigers.

As a kid, Albert Pujols lived in a shack in the Dominican Republic. Albert Pujols loved baseball. As a kid he did not have a baseball mitt so he would have to make one out of card board. In high school, Albert met his wife Deidre. Deidre was older and already had a child with Down Syndrome.

Albert Pujols has a foundation called the Pujols Family Foundation. He donates money to it all the time. He helps people with Down Syndrome and mental illness.

In conclusion, that's why I think he is a hero.

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