Alexander Pushkin

by Olga and Lisa from Novosibirsk

Pushkin was descended from a branched untitled noble family, dating back to the genealogical legend, "husband honestly" Radshe, a contemporary of Alexander Nevsky. Pushkin had written repeatedly about his ancestry in verse and prose, he saw his ancestors as a sample of ancient family, the true "aristocracy", who honestly served his country, but not curry favor with the rulers and "persecuted". He often addressed (including an art form) and the image of his great-grandfather on his mother's side - an African, Abram Petrovich Hannibal, who became a servant and disciple of Peter I, and later a military engineer and general. Pushkin wrote many remarkable poems, odes and poems. He was called the sun of Russian poetry! Now he is and remains the most talented poet in Russia!

Olga Gordiychuk and Liza Stepanenko
Gymnasia #12

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